Facts You Need to Know About Gel Manicure

by Peter

In the past, girls would wait for their nails to grow before they could apply nail polish. Now, no matter how long or short your nails are, they will still look fantastic with polish. Thanks to ongle gel.

A gel manicure is a kind of nail polish in gel form and requires LED or UV light to complete the curing process. As compared to the regular polish, it is more durable. The traditional nail polish may chip after two to three days. The gel polish will remain as is for weeks.

How much will gel manicure cost you?

Gel manicure will cost you around $10 to $15 more than the usual one. However, since it will last longer than the regular manicure, the savings you can get are more. You don’t have to reapply the nail polish as often if you use ordinary polish.

The price of a gel manicure will depend on what you want. The basic one-color gel will cost you around $35 to $40. But if you choose the celeb-level nail art, it will cost you about $100 or more.

How gel manicure differ from acrylic?

There is a big difference between acrylic and gel. The acrylic is powder dissolve in a solvent. It is used to strengthen the top part of the nails. It is available in clear or natural and in different colors.

Gel shades or color nails and are cured under an LED or UV lamp. It is more flexible than acrylic, and it won’t damage natural nails.

Are home gel kits work?

If the gel polish is not done correctly, it may lift and damage your nail. Those who are confident they can do it on their own and save money in the process. Home gel kits last longer than in ordinary manicures. Follow the instructions carefully, and you should have a steady hand to achieve a perfect gel nail.

How often should you apply gel manicure?

Experts say applying gel manicures every week can suffocate your nails and may damage them. Since it usually lasts long, you can have it intermittently to keep your nails’ natural health. If your profession requires you to have it done more often, make sure you consult the experts if you notice anything on your nails.

Removing the Gel Manicure Gently

Most of the nail experts remove the nail gel with the use of an acetone soak-off process. File the surface carefully to initiate the removal of the outer coat. Place cotton soaked on acetone and cover with aluminum foil. To hasten the process, you can place the nails in a nitrile glove for seven to ten minutes.

Final thoughts

A gel manicure can make your nails attractive than before. Before you decide to have your nails polished, make sure you have read this post to know what to expect. Some nails are too brittle, and gel manicure may not fit them. In this situation, it is best to consult the experts and ask their opinions. To keep your nails healthy and strong, make sure you apply moisturizer regularly. It would be best if you did the moisturizing before applying and after removing the gel manicure. You can soak your nails in a warm lotion with Vitamin E.

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