Most common mistakes when wearing strip lashes

by Peter

Strip lashes are the accessory of the moment for women. The use of false eyelashes has become so popular that beauty stores have had to resort to lash vendors wholesale in order to offer their clients this accessory.

Makeup is used to highlight the virtues of any woman and at the same time reduce the defects or blemishes they may have. Undoubtedly the eyes are an important part and the most striking part of the face, so accessories like strip lashes give them a very special touch.

Strip lashes are the accessory of the moment, so the more discreet and natural they look, the better. However, because they are so popular among women, there are many who rush to buy them and apply them without knowing how to do it.

Although it may seem very easy to apply these lashes, the truth is that it requires patience and technique, so before you decide to buy them, we are going to mention the most common mistakes when using strip lashes so that you don’t make them.

Not applying strip lashes on the natural lash line

This mistake is the most common of all when using this type of accessory, not only by women at home, but also by professional beauticians.

Those who use strip lashes for the first time, there is some fear of applying them too close to the natural lashes, however, if they are placed too far away from them it will be very easy for others to notice them; and the idea is that they look as natural as possible.

In case they are a bit far away from the natural lash line, you can use an eyeliner to fill in the space.

Not using the right size lashes

Although it may seem obvious, you need to use strip lashes that are the right size for your eyes. Many professionals insist that it’s common for them to look larger or smaller than your eye size when applied.

Eyelash suppliers usually sell them in standard sizes, so that they can be adapted to any type of eyes. However, you can adjust them yourself by remembering to use them carefully so that they are set to the correct size.

Using mascara after applying strip flashes

Both beginners and cosmetic professionals recommend you to wait a few hours before you can even wash your face. However, many make the mistake of applying mascara to freshly applied lashes.

Putting on strip lashes involves a lot of patience and surely investing a lot of time, so applying mascara will cause them to peel off, move or smudge.

In this case it is recommended to apply mascara to the natural nails, and after it has dried, then apply the strip lashes.

Throwing away strip lashes after use

There are many techniques to keep the strip lashes in the best condition, make sure you follow the recommended steps to take care of them and make them last much longer.

When you remove your lashes there is no need to throw them away if you have cared for them properly. If they are in good condition you can use them at least one more time and save time and money.

Avoid making these mistakes when using strip lashes so that you can apply them correctly and at the same time they can last a long time to be used again.

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