How Long Does Electric Nail Drill Last?

by Peter

For anyone who loves to have well-manicured nails, an electric nail drill is one of those tools that can help achieve the desired result on your nails. For its use at home and in salons, electric nail drills have taken over typical hand files that take up more time and last only a few uses.

These electrical nail drills, alternatively referred to as nail drills, are one of those tools that can help you achieve precision and perfection with your manicure routine at home. However, it is advised that users ensure caution during use because the drills are so powerful that they can get gel polish and acrylics off, smoothen calluses, trim nails, and even cuticles. This is why It is essential to pair the electric drill with the appropriate tip and use it on the required speed setting.

Perhaps, you have wondered how long this nail treatment equipment will last if you go them. In that case, you do not need to worry anymore as this article will discuss electric nail drill and how long they last. Read on for more information.

What is an Electric Nail Drill and How can I Use It?

A nail drill is a tool that is electric-powered, and is used for removing nail enhancements and filing down nails. For specific uses, however, nail drills require bits. The drill tips have various materials, shapes, grits, and sizes. You can select from a range of ceramic bits, diamond bits, carbide bits, etc.

Indeed, the use of e-files requires knowledge of safety measures, training, and constant practice. Moreover, adequate knowledge of e-files is imperative to avoid causing damages to the nail. It is vital to stop the use immediately if it causes pain. Also, the e-file should not be used on the natural nail, and if you must, you should only use a grit higher than 180.

How Long Does Electric Nail Drill Last?

There is no fixed duration for the use of electric nail drills; however, you can tell when your nail drill is due for replacement. Some signs will let you know that your nail drill requires a change.

First, the electric nail drill no longer gives a refined result as it used to. With daily use of the nail drill, the bits can last for up to 2 months to 4 months. You can even use it for as long as a year; however, it will no longer function properly.

Nail drill bits are designed for use only on artificial nails, and they can last up to a hundred uses, considering that they are to be used only on soft materials.


Electric nail drills are a crucial aspect of manicure and pedicure, and they function to keep the process as smooth as possible. These drills do a great job of filing, shaping, trimming, and much more than hand files. How long electric nail drills last depends mainly on the usage. If they are used daily, you can get a few months of usage; however, you can get a longer usage time if you use them less frequently.

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