What is the best finger to wear a ring

by Peter

Have you ever bought a men’s moissanite ring and you are confused on the best place to put it? It is very common amongst many men. Buying rings that are beautiful is not exactly the issue for a man. Most men are decisive and know things that are beautiful and will suit them perfectly. However, where the problem lies is getting where to fix these rings. The moissanite ring is a very beautiful ring, and depending on the size you buy, it may sometimes fit all your hands perfectly. There are really no best fingers to put your rings on, it all depends on which one sizes best and the message you are trying to pass across. In this guide, we will have a close look at putting rings on each finger and what they mean.


Let’s start with the rings specially created for the thumb. In most parts of the world, especially the United States, these rings are not so common. It is only a new trend that is gradually becoming popular. It is usually not the first or second option to put your rings on. However, if you are looking to add another ring after having more than one or two rings on your hands, you may want to try the thumb out. Ensure the ring has a lot of space so you can make it fit.


The index finger is the first finger closest to your point, and unknowingly to you, it is the finger you use the most. Whether you are pointing at a far distance or looking for that sentence in a newspaper, this finger is always the culprit. Historically, people used to wear rings on the index finger. The idea was to have the ring on the most popular finger. This act is not more common, but if you want the world to admire your ring, the index is your best option.


The middle finger is the only finger that has little or no historical backing to ring wearing. This is the longest and, in most cases, widest finger on your hand, and it really doesn’t send any message. So if your ring is just for fashion, this may be your best location. It is usually a lot of rough process because a ring on your middle finger may disturb your index and neighboring fingers.


Historically and till date, the ring finger is that finger used to show that you are married. This finger is the second largest finger on your hand and it has enough space between it and the middle finger. This finger is called the ring finger, but it is not a must that your wedding rings must always stay there


After the index finger has been relegated to be useful for the signet rings, these rings have taken over for the signet. This pinky finger is now the finger for the club rings and other signs.


Is your index finger the best one for the ring, or is it the wedding finger? There really is no best. You only need to have the right finger for the job, and you are good to go. The question you need to ask is what finger are you looking at putting on the ring, which one does it fit well, and do you want to send a message across.

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