Various factors affecting fashion and style

by Peter

Arguably, every individual likes having a fantastic fashion and style. As a result, many people have invested in ensuring they have the best outfit. Subsequently, Lolita fashion has come up with various designs as a way of ensuring every individual is satisfied. However, there are various factors affecting fashion and style as discussed in this article.

  • Your body type

Your body type is one factor that you should consider when buying clothing. Make sure you buy a cloth that fits well with your body and that you will be comfortable moving around with, that is, it will not be too short or too tight. You should buy a cloth that will compliment your looks and also be fashionably sensible to others. Realizing and accepting the body type you have will help you pick out the best outfit on which you will feel bold and courageous when walking around in it.

  • Your personality

Personality is a major factor affecting the selection of clothing. You should be aware of your personality so as to know what kind of clothing you actually may consider wearing. With different personalities, there are different designs and types of clothing such as flashy which are best for the extroverts while those which are less flashy and quiet which are best for the introverts. Therefore there being different fashion statements in the market, you should buy a cloth that fits your personality and not buy a cloth simply because it is new in the market or that it is currently on-trend.

  • Your audience

There are things to keep in mind before buying clothes such as the audience you will be approaching. Different audiences require different types of wear. For example, you cannot attend a business meeting with a dinner dress or go for a beach vacation with a suit. Knowing the audience you are approaching will help you pick the right kind of outfit that will make both you and the audience around you feel comfortable.

  • Best body parts

Body parts are among the things to consider when buying clothes. You should buy clothes that bring out the best look you can pull off emphasizing your body parts. Knowing exactly what will compliment your body parts will help you create that illusion of a well-fitting attire.

  • Season of the year

The season of the year should be the number one factor when considering your choice of clothes. This is because the season of the year greatly determines what should be worn at which season. For example, you cannot wear heavy clothing during a hot season just as you cannot wear light clothing during a cold season. Therefore the season of the year acts as a guide on what to purchase and wear during that period.

In conclusion,

As discussed, there are various factors affecting fashion and could lead to disappointment if you are not sure why you are getting the desired outfit. However, if you become fully aware of the features in question, it becomes easier to attain the fashion and style that you want. Some of these factors are such as season of the year, best body parts, your personality and audience, and finally your body type.

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