How guys can style fanny packs

by Peter

Fanny packs have been in existence since the 80s, but recently they have made a major come back to the fashion scene. In recent years more guys have found this accessory very useful.

In this article, you will see why you should have a fanny pack and how guys should wear a fanny pack.

Why should you use a fanny pack?

1. Fanny packs are very comfortable and convenient.

The fanny pack is an accessory that allows you to have all you need, from your wallet to your smartphone, keys, cigarettes, chargers, and all the stuff you need when you’re out. And you don’t even have to worry about having to hold it in your hands because fanny packs are worn around your body. They let you free up your hand and have space.

2. They go well with any genre of fashion.

From streetwear, activewear, casual wear, to exotic wear, any style of fashion can go well with fanny pack bags. So, you can wear a fanny pack with sports clothes on, with ripped jeans, or even with loafers. They go well with any style of clothes.

3. Fanny packs are appropriate for almost any occasion

Whether you’re going for a stroll or a casual outing, going to the gym or the store, you can just fit all your stuff into the fanny pack comfortably and be on your way. And this applies even more to males because guys prefer spending lesser time trying to get dressed and organizing their stuff. So, fanny packs could come in handy.

How to wear a fanny pack as a guy.

1. Around your waist.

The most popular way to wear a fanny pack is around your waist. You can create more styles just from this style by wearing it in different places around your waist. Moving it just below your belly button allows you to show off your fanny pack. And you can still choose to wear it on the left side of your waist.

It all depends on you.

2.  Across your chest

Wearing a fanny pack in this style gives you a contemporary look, and it also makes it easier for you to reach out for your stuff when you need them.

3.  Over or under your clothes

You can wear your fanny pack over or under your clothes like your jacket or your hoodie. This look lets you stand out effortlessly and makes you look more fashionable. You could choose this look for a night at the movies or a concert.

4.  Over your shoulder and under your arm.

For a casual look, you could add a fanny pack to a pair of ripped jeans and a t-shirt. A perfect look for a walk in the park or a stroll.

Wrap up

Regardless of your style of fashion, or the occasion, there’s always a fanny pack for you. So, if you’re looking for an accessory that’s easy to wear as a guy, frees up your hand, let’s you have space and be comfortable, and fits all your frequently used stuff, you need to have a fanny pack.

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