Is oil blotting paper good for oily skin?

by Peter
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Oil blotting paper is paper made from absorbent material that helps absorb excess oil and sweat from the skin. The most common application of blotting paper is in the cosmetic industry for makeup touch up and removal. Besides blotting paper for face, it is also commonly applied in art, chemical analysis and experiments, writing, and the drug industry. This post discusses the use of oil blotting paper on oily skin.

Is oil blotting paper good for oily skin?

The most common cosmetic application of blotting paper is picking up excess oil from the skin without tampering with your makeup. However, there have been numerous questions about using blotting paper on oily skin safety. The greatest concern is that the paper can strip the skin of beneficial oils, leaving it dry and susceptible to a host of issues. Some critics have also made statements that using blotting paper only makes the skin produce more oil. However, this is far from the truth. Using products like rubbing alcohol on cotton balls can cause your skin to produce more oil. However, this is not the same with oil blotting paper. All it does is zap your face of oil.

The bottom line is that blotting paper is highly beneficial for oily skin. Below are some benefits of using blotting paper on oily skin;

  • Blotting paper can help remove excess shine from the skin. The shine usually stems from the accumulation of oil and sweat on the skin. Failure to remove the excess shine can disintegrate your makeup. This is why most people use blotting paper when they wear makeup.
  • The blotting paper also does not have any adverse effects on the skin or oil production. Unlike other methods of controlling skin oiliness, blotting paper does not directly affect the skin or its anatomy. It does not inhibit the skin from producing excess oil or cause it to produce more. Therefore, you need not worry about any temporary or permanent effects on your skin and oil glands.
  • Blotting paper is not designed solely for oily skin. Instead, anyone can use it. It is also not explicitly designed for women. Men with oily and sweaty skin can also use blotting paper on hot and humid days.
  • Blotting paper is also beneficial for oily skin because it is affordable and convenient. It is also easy to carry around as you can fit a pack in your purse, pocket, or office desk.

Take Note

In addition to using blotting paper on oily skin, it would also be wise to adopt a routine for oily skin. This will help you find a permanent or semi-permanent solution.


Blotting paper typically features a small sheet of thin and extra absorbent material, much like tissue paper. While it is very beneficial for eliminating excess oil on the skin, blotting paper is not a permanent solution for excessively oily skin. Therefore, if you are looking for a long-term solution for your excessively oily skin, you may have to visit a dermatologist and use products designed specifically for oily skin.

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