Lee Stafford – Argan Oil Big Fat Hair Tong

by Peter

Good morning and happy Monday…. *Goes off to make more coffee!*

I always get so many lovely messages and comments regarding my hair and how I style it on Instagram (thank you for being nice) and I wanted to address my life saviour in a much-deserved blog post. The product in question is a mahoosive ‘Big Fat hair tong by Lee Stafford’. It’s from the argan oil range which is supposed to help with the shine in your hair but I’m not too sure about the science behind that claim. It says it has a ceramic coating of argan oil to help with shine and heat damage, whatever YES PLEASE!

I have used my fair share of hair tool including several different conical wands, heated rollers, normal small tongs, wavers, twisters.. you name it I have it but this Lee Stafford one is ALWAYS my favourite to use. I used to really love using the Babyliss conical wand but I found that it really made my hair look dull, the bigger cloud 9 version just didn’t give me the same bounce and it was more of an effort to use. 

I have come to the conclusion that I prefer a tong with a clasp. This bad boy creates big loose effortless curls/waves with minimal effort and time. I think it’s a 1 1/2″ barrel which is perfect for me with shorter or longer hair.

It has a variable heat setting and warms up in about 2 minutes and it takes me on average 5 minutes to do my hair. A result indeed!

And I can’t ever lose it as it’s so bright and always stands out from the rest of my hair tools.

My hair today!

It’s so easy to use, all I do is take big chunks and curl outwards away from my face, sometimes I only flick the ends out and not even the entire head of hair just to look more polished. I would definitely recommend it to anyone, you can also create lots of lovely volume at the base if you place your hair over the barrel at the root and hold it for a few seconds until it cools. I truly love it and I can’t live without it. I don’t have any exciting hair care that I use, I just use a serum when my hair is damp and sometimes ‘Fudge’ sea salt spray, but today I used nothing, which is mainly how I rock. It’s safe to say it’s definitely the hair tool and not the hair products.
I purchased mine for £20 from Argos last year but I checked today and they don’t have the argan oil version just THIS one. But it’s available on the website HERE.

What’s your favourite hair tool?

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