Panda backpacks that takes the creative chunk of the cake

by Peter

You are never too old to have a panda. Yes, you read it right, PANDA! By that, we mean panda inspired items and accessories. Backpacks are a must for those working long hours and traveling, but why not kick it up a notch with these panda backpacks. The bags are stylish, come in a variety of different unique designs, and appeal to a broad audience. Let’s dig in deeper:

Why panda backpacks:

What’s the pleasure in growing up if you cannot carry and wear what you want? Besides, backpacks are ideally manufactured to take the load off your back and evenly spread it out. Everyone wants to stand out today, and what better way than to carry an accessory that defines your personality. These panda designs are cute, simple with a classic twist, and elegant in tailoring. Made with high-quality material and soft, strong fabric to ease your hands, muscles, mind, and soul. Enhance your appearance with these beautiful panda backpacks.

Travel backpack:

We all know that kids nowadays take backpacks to school and college. This neon blue bag with small panda print will help create a creative look every day. The bag is also ideal for those who love to travel as it comes with large storage capacity. The material is durable and allows lower strain on your shoulders. They distribute the load uniformly while enabling enough shoulder strap room. Here are a few factors to captivate your interest.

Color: neon yellow and blue color combination

Print: small panda cartoons

Material: polyester

Gender: unisex

42 cm length and 10 cm width

Teenage panda print Backpack:

Panda print is in style; there is no doubt which is why these designer bags are ideal for teens on the run. The polyester and 600D PVC combination make a durable exterior and wear-resistant interior. Kids need something that is lightweight and easy to carry; that’s why this weighs only 0.25 kg. The size of the backpack is around 30 cm * 24 cm* 10 cm with less than 20L. The unisex bag has attractive panda cartoons that moreover boost their confidence and happiness.

PU Leather Backpack:

Besides the obvious visual appeal, these panda bags come with durable material that lasts long. The cute bookbag helps create a classic and vintage look with a panda backdrop. The bags can be worn with assurance and pride as they hold a mature taste to them. Some of their features are:

Weight only 0.25kg and 0.31kg

size: 17 * 21 * 8.5, 21 * 24 * 10 cm

Panda cartoons patterns

Nude base with black and white color combination

Gender: unisex

Panda Bear Plush Backpack:

Your kids will love this backpack as it’s literally a giant panda animal ideal for both boys and girls. The backpack is a classic in all the right ways with a mischievous twist. The internal capacity of the panda animal is large enough to carry school supplies and comes with long comfortable straps. Let’s see some characteristics:

Material: Gentle and soft chemical fiber plush

weight: 1.0 kg

size: 35 cm * 22 cm * 51 cm

From small tiny handbags to travel backpacks, these panda print patterns are simply amazing. Get them before they run out.

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