Reasons why you should love handbags

by Peter

Handbags are a MUST for every woman. Handbags are one fashion item that we can’t get tired of, can’t outgrow, or have too many of. Yes, you can’t have many handbags. Don’t believe anyone that says otherwise.

Except you’re someone that believes that neutral colors and shapes work for everything, you’re going to have clothes with secondary and tertiary color combinations that will need a color of a handbag. This is why you should get cloth handbags because they come in very handy in cases like this.

Plus, we all know that there are different kinds of handbags. Do you really want to confine yourself with using one type? To confine yourself using only one color?

If you’re a one-color handbag loner that is convinced about purchasing several handbags, not to worry. Here are some reasons why you should love handbags and never pass an opportunity to buy one again.

Let’s delve in, ladies and gentlemen.

Reasons why you should love handbags

1. They always fit

If you’re buying clothes, you have to make sure they’re your size and they pronounce your major features or highlight the features you desire. If you’re buying shoes, you won’t enjoy it if it’s not your size.

But bags aren’t as judgmental. They are transferrable properties that still look good on the wearer regardless of color, shape, height, or preferences. You can’t go wrong with the right handbag.

2. It can be used severally

If you wear clothing for three days straight, the impressions people will get is that you’re either dirty, have just one pair of clothing, or aren’t fashionable.

But no one cares about that with your handbag, as long as it matches your outfit. It can be used severally for different clothing and occasions. The more you have, the more options you have.

3. It’s your safe place

If you go to a public place and your bag has been spotted and known by one or two people there, it has automatically become your safe place. You can put your valuables in there and no one goes there.

Anyone that goes to your bag without proper authorization or goes there without an emergency, is classified as a thief.

4.  In an emergency or distress situation, your bag can be a weapon

Ask rape victims or victims of different kinds of violence. It can be used to create a wedge between you and the oppressor, or knock someone down (especially if it’s filled with things that make it heavy)

You can’t go wrong with a heavy bag in times of distress or oppression. Knock out time!

5. Handbags always look gorgeous

You know that feeling that comes with not having to go through a preparatory method before using something? That’s the feeling people have when they use handbags. They don’t just appreciate it enough.

With clothes, you have to wash them appropriately. If you wash and dry manually, you have to bother about running colors. If you wash with a machine, you bother about texture for different fabrics. The same with ironing.

But with bags, you don’t have to worry about any of that. Just clean them often and you’re good to go.

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