Your Name necklace with multiple naming options

by Peter

Rose gold name necklace for gifts

The namenskette name necklace gives the freedom to add up to 6 different names, that will be carved on this necklace. Such high level of freedom allows immense customization. The product is rose gold that doesn’t use in the manufacturing. The names are not engraved on it, instead, they are carved to give an appealing touch. There’s a chain attached to it, allowing the pendant wearable around the neck.

It is made of sterling silver, and doesn’t use any real gold or silver. Not even polish. The average height is 45 cm, which means that the necklace should easily rest on the chest of an average heighted girl. The product won’t cause any skin disease even of worn for several hours. It won’t cause neck pain as well.

Multiple name necklace with global target audience

The target audience isn’t just limited to females. This product can be gifted to males as well. However, it’ll appear best on a female, especially a young girl. Buyers can add up to 6 different names on a single necklace. This feature becomes ideal if gifting it to the wife. One can add their kids and wife’s name on it.

It’s important to note that buyers looking to buy this product need to give 6 names compulsorily. Neither less nor more than six. This is because giving more or less than six names will ruin the pendant’s design.

There’s a possibility to choose different materials. Available material options include pink gold plated copper and pink gold plated silver, which will add an additional amount of money to the final bill though.

Finally, one can select whether or not to get the product packed in a gift box. Again, a gift box will further increase the final payable amount.

Buying procedure of necklace with multiple engravings

Those who want to buy the product need to visit the website. They then have to enter six different names that’ll be carved on it. Select the gift packing (if any) and material of their choice. Ensure making full payment in advance to place the order. Any order will be manufactured by hands upon full payment. It should not take more than 3-5 days to prepare the pendant in normal situations. The shipping time is estimated to be 7 to 12 days. Worldwide shipping facility is possible through DHL courier service. However, foreign customers need to pay for their custom duties that is chargeable separately.


There are a few policies that need to be read before placing the order:

  1. Only products with manufacturing defects will be replaced or returned.
  2. There is a return window that will remain open for 90 days only. No returns accepted after that.
  3. Customers cannot change the names or modify their order once the payment has been made. This helps ensure no wastage of resources.
  4. Each order enjoys a warranty where users will be guaranteed for replacement or return in case of manufacturing defects.
  5. To achieve free delivery, buyers need to make a purchase of more than 69 Euros only.

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