5 Key Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Diy Your Bathroom Shower

by Peter
bathtub with water in it

When doing a bathtub for sale window shopping, one thing that becomes increasingly clear as you peruse a catalog is its high cost. Often, the price ranges from a few hundred to thousands of dollars, causing a severe dent in the pockets of many homeowners. However, as it’s a necessary purchase, many people opt to DIY their bathroom in the hope of saving money. As enticing as this might be, below are five reasons why you shouldn’t DIY installation on your bathtub shower.

  • Bathtub Shower Installation Time Period

Often, the installation of a standard bathtub is a week’s worth of work for a skilled person. Usually, most time goes to ensuring that the bathtub installation is leak-free and the area around the bathtub shielding it from any potential mold build-up and rot. If you are new to DIY and have no clue how to go about it, it makes sense that it will take longer trying to figure out the best way to install a bathtub; hence, you end up wasting time.

  • Skill In Installation Of Bathtub Shower

It is a fact that the installation of both a freestanding bathtub or an enclosed bathtub needs some form of expertise. If you are DIY your bathtub, your work is cut out for you as you have a steep learning curve on the best way to install.  Often, to compensate for the lack of skill, a trial and error method of installing one in your home is employed, which leads to numerous mistakes.

  • Experience In Installing Bathtub Shower

Gathering textbook knowledge of how to install a shower on your own is a great base to start. However, just like any other job, the experience is vital in the installation of a bathtub shower combo. Often, there are factors that you only figure out when you have hands-on experience.  The advantages of expertise include quick ways of installing a bathtub or a better idea of doing plumbing to avoid leakages. As your installation is a permanent process, you miss out on any added advantages attributed to experience i

  • Cost Of DIY Bathtub Shower

Initially, the cost of contracting a skilled professional might seem astronomical when compared to doing it yourself.  The price seems even costlier when considering the initial cost of buying a bathtub shower faucet. However, even though it might seem cheaper, the cost of doing the installation yourself is usually more expensive at the end. Ideally, as you will begin with virtually no skill on how to install one expertly, you are bound to make mistakes. As expected, correcting these mistakes tend to be much more expensive in the long run than simply hiring a contractor.

bathtub Bathroom Shower
  • Bathtub Shower Installation Insurance

Even though bathtub shower tends to be sturdy and can withstand a lot of rough use, this isn’t to mean that they are indestructible. With the introduction of more delicate designs in the market, there is expectation in the increase in breakages. Additionally, bathtubs tend to be heavy and are usually a two-person job.  Hiring a contractor is the best way of protecting yourself from any additional cost as they typically have medical cover and cover for damage to your property during the installation process.


Though the initial cost of contracting a professional to install a bathtub shower seems higher, its often the wisest choice when installing such a substantial investment. Often, many people who decide to DIY have no skill and risk water damage and breakage of the bathtub.  Overall, as a contacting a professional plumber saves you from the headache of figuring out a bathtub installation process, it worth it.

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