Speed Toy Review – Bright Starts Activity Balls

by Peter

I am always on the lookout for new engaging baby toys that can grow with the child, what mother isn’t? Adem is now 9 months old and I purchased him these little sensory activity balls and they have gotten a lot of love over the past few days that I had to do a quick speed review on it.

I am not really one for bright plastic toys but these are a definite exception. Basically, there are 5 balls and each of them do different things. Most of these types of toys make different noises but these are a little bit different. Here is a quick description of what each ball does.

  1. Rotating image that turns and spins as the ball is rotated with no sound.
  2. A little animal in a rounded shape that makes a rattling noise when shaken inside the ball.
  3. 5 Separated sections plus the sides that make clicking sounds individually when turned. (The middle orange section is easy to turn with a baby’s finger when pointed- Adem’s fave!) 
  4. 3 Separated sections plus the sides that make clicking sounds individually when turned.
  5. Rainmaker with tiny beads

Adem LOVES these so much, I have popped them in a little bag and taken with me for picnics to the park, they are great for crawling as they roll around and the different sensory activities help develop fine motor skills at an early age. These are suitable for 6m plus as advised by the packet but they really are suitable from newborn onwards up until any age really. Even Esra enjoys playing with them, she rolls them around trying to connect one ball to the other by rolling. We have also been using it with a muffin tin combined with other spherical shapes for added fun.
(I purchased from eBay as it was £1 cheaper, but they are available on amazon for £7.99)

A big thumbs up from us! 

What are some of your favourite toys for babies? I’m kind of toy crazy if you hadn’t guessed but I do try to make ethical choices, purchase quite a few from charity shops and really try and stick to a ‘one in one out rule’ as I can’t stand to be drowned in toys. I have really minimised the amount of toys we have and it just feels SO much better. *raises hands*

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