Reasons Why the Bathroom Mirror Selfie is a Good Idea

by Peter

Bathroom mirror selfies are always a win on people’s Instagram feeds. If you want to up your IG game, you should consider taking bathroom mirror selfies too. The bathroom may seem to be the last place you would like to take a picture but it actually is worth it sometimes as long as you know what to do.

Why take mirror selfies in the bathroom?

There are several reasons why taking a selfie with your bathroom mirrors are great.

First, white walls reflect the light so you will have great lighting immediately. If you do not have white walls, chances are there are colorful tiles or fun wallpaper in the bathroom that makes awesome backgrounds for your mirror selfies.

Second, people look great taking bathroom mirror selfies because of the privacy (unless they are using a public restroom). They know no one will walk in and catch them taking a picture so they are confident to strike a pose and project.

Third, if you do it with a group, it definitely shows a girl power moment. Girls are known to herd in groups to local bathrooms. The conversations girls have in the bathroom are sacred. Closing it with a fun bathroom mirror selfie will definitely spell out squad goals in your feed.

Tips for taking bathroom mirror selfies

Clean your mirror

Taking a bathroom mirror selfie on a dirty mirror will take the attention away from your face. Before you strike a pose, check your mirror and see if there are water spots. Clean it first if necessary.

Stand close to the light

We all know the key to a great selfie is good lighting. If you want great lighting, look where the light source is and stand beneath it. The farther you are from the light source, the dimmer your picture will be.

Check your background

Remember, you are in a bathroom. Take your mirror selfie in an angle that your toilet bowl is not showing. We all have seen that popular meme of a very pretty and sexy girl who took a bathroom selfie but forgot to flush and you can clearly see the toilet. You really do not want that to happen to you. If possible, take your picture with the wall as your background.

Don’t be afraid to go black and white

Not all bathroom lights are flattering. Some choose the yellowish shades for their bathrooms. Also, not all bathroom tiles are nice to look at. If you are standing in an unflattering bathroom, filter your selfie, and choose black and white. It adds a classy effect to your picture too.

Take a lot of shots

You are in the privacy of the bathroom so take a lot of shots so you can choose the best one and post it. Pressuring yourself with a time limit and just getting one shot might end up with you getting a bad one.

Now that you know how to take the trendy bathroom mirror selfie, be prepared to get a lot of notifications because people are gonna tap that heart button like crazy.

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