12 Best name necklaces to rock in 2020

by Peter
Name Necklaces

Name necklaces have become popular with different designs being in the market. Many are wearing them as fashion statements for both formal and informal events.

There are ready-made name necklaces, and there are those that can be customized. Also, they come in different designs such as family tree necklace, overlapping hearts name necklace and infinity two names necklace, among others.

Here are the various types of name necklaces.

  • A letter necklace

A letter necklace is a name necklace with just one letter. The letter normally represents the initial of a loved one which could be a wife, husband or child. It’s the kind of a necklace a mother wears to keep the memory of her child close or spouse gifts to the other partner.

  • Personalised name

The necklace bears your name. It is usually a gift from someone, and it is available in silver, gold, rose gold, sterling silver, and sterling silver. The name could be combined with another thing such as a unicorn, a mermaid or layered with a heart pendant.  There are also Arabic name necklaces.

  • Designer Pendant

The necklace has a name initial engraved on a pendant. The name could be the initial of a loved one, such as a child or a spouse.

  • Decorative

The necklace has a name written decoratively. For instance, it could be surrounded by a flower or leaves. Great for those who love floral or decorative items.

  • Triangle pendant

The necklace has a name inscribed in a triangle pendant.  It could be in silver, gold or rose gold. This type is suitable for those who prefer edgy jewellery.

  • Name in heart

The name or names are written inside a heart pendant. It is a good one for couples since they can have both their names in the pendant.

  • Interlocked and overlapping hearts

The names are written in interlocked or the overlapping hearts. This is a perfect necklace for couples where each name is written on a heart.

  • Infinity Name Necklace

The infinity name necklace has names written in an infinity design. You can have one, two, three or six names inscribed. The necklace is in sterling silver, silver, gold or rose gold. Also, it can have conjoined hearts, double hearts, one heart, a paw print if you have a pet, arrow, and forever love.

  • With birthstone

These are name necklaces that have birthstones. The birthstone can be located on one letter of the name, on the decorations or at the start of a word.

  • Two-layers name necklace

The necklace has two layers with one layer having a name while the other layer has a heart pendant. Some necklaces have a name on each layer, especially if it is a couple’s necklace.

  • Family tree name necklace

The family tree features the names of the family members on the pendant, which has the drawing of a tree.

  • Initial letter station necklaces

This is a necklace with letters written all round. It can accommodate up to 15 letters. The necklace comes in gold, sterling silver, rose gold and a combination of metals such as necklace in sterling silver and letters in gold.

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