You can now gift a Russian ring necklace in these 5 occasions

by Peter
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The most magnificent gift you can give someone as a show of appreciation during a special occasion is a Russian Ring Necklace. This type of necklace is popular since its simple, with a traditional feel to it and can be customized easily. Here are some special occasions to gift away a personalized Russian Ring Necklace.

  • Anniversary Gift

Whether it’s a wedding anniversary or a company anniversary, gifting a personalized Russian Ring Neckless can be one of those very thoughtful things to do. For instance, if it’s your friend’s wedding anniversary, you can have it engraved with both their names and the date of their wedding. As for a company anniversary, you can gift such necklaces to best employees with the bands engraved with initials like “Best Employee of the Department”

  • Baby Shower Gift

Rather than bringing diapers, baby lotion and toys like everyone else, you can surprise the mom to be with an adorable Russian Ring Necklace. Women love jewelry, and since the mother to be won’t be expecting anything that spectacular, breaking the norm will make everything worthwhile. You can engrave the ring bands with phrases like “Best Mom Ever” or if you know the name of the baby to born, you can engrave it on the ring bands. Even more, you can include it among other additional gifts as this will make the parents feel cherished.

  • Valentine’s Day Gift

Everyone wants to feel special and loved during valentines since it’s one of those occasions you get to shower your partner with love. Showing your appreciation with a nice piece of personalized Russian Ring Necklace will go a long way to make your partner feel loved and appreciated. If you are unsure of how to go about it research online get a few customization designs that you and you’re your partner will love. Having it customized in a way that will please them will extraordinarily leave a lasting impression. For instance, if you go for a three-band Russian ring necklace, one ring can bear your name, the second ring to bear the name of your loved one and the third ring can be the day you got engaged or married. Sounds romantic right?

  • Birthday Gift

Birthdays are a remarkable and unforgettable moment in anyone’s life. If your friend, family member or parent is turning year older, you will certainly go out of your way and make them feel special. Gifting your child, a beautiful personalized Russian Ring Neckless will certainly make them feel on top of the moon. It’s one of those gifts that you can gift anyone of any age and live a lasting memory.

  • College Farewell Gift

Seeing your child start his or her college phase can be an emotional moment, not just for them but for you as a parent. Knowing the far they have come and seeing them move into another stage of life can make you feel so proud and elated as a parent. In that situation, you can show your love and appreciation by gifting them a magnificent and Russian Ring Neckless. It will not only leave them feeling cherished but also motivated and with high morale to study hard. You can engrave on the ring bands some inspirational words that will serve as good advice to help them through college.

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